A Legendary Rhyme
A Lesson of Love
A Quiet Place
A Small Creature's Prayer
Alpine Prayer
And All the Horses
Anzac Glory
Australia Day
Back Up, Babe
Big John
Bill Daniels' Coo-ee-in' Woman
Bill's Brown
Billy the Puntman
Birds are Beasts!
Camera Shy
Carrying a Torch for Wangaratta
Census 2001
Computer Error
Could Be Worse, Mate!
Dedicated to Little Jean
Eldorado Dreaming
Fire on Fred's Farm
First Grandchild
Food for Thought
For My Sister
Fox Run
Go-in' Camp-ing
Grandfather Cod
Grannie's Trannie
High Country Hostage
Home Rule
I Hear the Songs
It's A-U-S Not U.S.A.
Jockey Jack
Letter to Miranda
Life Song
Little Problems
Lost Dreams
Macca's World
Mary, Mary
Maryborough Gold
Missing the Link
Mungo Mud


Murray Ghosts
Murray River Journey
My Grandmother's Smile
NASA Microprobes
Never For Sale
Night Visitor
Ode to a Politician - Dead or Alive!
Ode to a Sausage
Old Grey
One September Day - 2001
Our Mate, Pietro
Our School
Our School, Everton
Please! No Quarries
Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
Regards to Rabbits
Share the Dreams
She Did it in Darwin!!!
Shovellin' Sand
Snow Dropper Hopper
Snowpole Thirty-Eight
Snowy River Micro-story

Snowy River Son
Spirit of Matilda for a Child of '41
Spirit of Matilda for Fred Ward
Stringybark Sam
Summer Dragons
That No-Good Pup
The Grey Nomads
The Hodgson-Horseshoe Hike About
The Long Way Home
The Olympic Torch
The Pine-ing
The Post Boy
The Red Steer
The Red Steer (2)
To (two) Gumboots
Too Much - Too Bare!
Udder Rubbish
Valley Gold
Walking with Katie
Waltz Your Maltilda
War Weary
Weekend at 'Barwonnie'
Wether Trial - 2002
Whirrakee's Daughter
Wodonga All Over
Writing Through the Ages