Waltzing Matilda ..... softly crooned,   a lullaby
                Babe gently sleeping,   quite unaware
                    Of lonely vigils nightly kept
                    Silent tears a mother wept
                For husband,   for brother,   for sons 'over there'.

                Waltzing Matilda ..... brassy bands triumphantly
                Welcome 'the boys' home,   bright banners fly,
                      Little  children shyly place
                      Kisses on a stranger's face
                Fingering tear-stains,   wondering 'Why?'.

                Waltzing Matilda ..... chanted throughout childhood days
                Many a poor swagman drowned dramatically!
                      Sing-a-longs - the versions
                      Aired on school excursions
                Would have impressed 'the Banjo' with ingenuity!

                Waltzing Matilda..... danced with us in shearing sheds
                Dreamed by our camp-fire as twilight fell,
                      Marched on Anzac Day with pride
                      Mourned when an old digger died
                Shouted a schooner at Clancy's Hotel.

                Waltzing Matilda..... once again a lullaby
                Grand-children gather at Grand-mother's knee ,
                      A special moment for us
                      Sharing the well loved chorus
                To know we're Australians,   to know we are free!