IT'S  A-U-S  not  U.S.A.

Goodbye to 'G'day - hello to 'Hi guys'
Forget spuds and mutton or sauce on meat pies
Today it's Big Macs or Kentucky Fries
  Are we losing our sense of 'Australian'?

Shirt label logos - U.S. of A.
Home boy baggy pants,   caps on the wrong way
Basketball heroes we've never seen play!
  Please,   kids,   be proud,   be Australian.

American T.V. - somehow the shows
Give the impression that anything goes
Surely our values are higher than those?
  We owe it to us - we're Australian.

Maybe this sounds like a bad case of gripes
But this Aussie's a fair dinkum Aussie,   by Cripes
I'll not change my flag for the Stars and the Stripes
  Through and through and true blue,   I'm Australian.