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 CAMERA SHY (Caravan on the move 1995)

In 1995,  my husband George and I joined the "Grey Nomads" and spent several months touring around this beautiful country of ours, towing a caravan. We have some lovely photographs taking during our trip. Although the incident described is fictional I would like to make a plea to fellow travellers - please dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully and 'Keep Australia Beautiful'



'The Boss came home from the city about a year ago,   he couldn't wait to tell us things he thought we ought to know -'

Computer technology might be the way of the future but didn't exactly bring the results the Boss had hoped for!



The Wangaratta Chronicle




Read by Peter Eustace on A.B.C. Radio programme "A Country Sunday" 



The ladies of the Country Women's Association are known for their resourcefulness and I'm sure they could deal with any unexpected problem. I read this poem for the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the C.W.A.'s Everton branch in1997. I also presented them with the following 'Happy Birthday' verse:

     We are gathered here in friendship to celebrate today,
          A very special milestone for the Everton C.W.A.,
               Fifty years of meetings,  half a century's
          Companionship and laughter,   achievement,   memories,
                         C heerful
                         W orkers
                         A lways
                         C aring
                         W illing
                         A ble
          Down to earth and proud to wear a true blue Aussie label,
               Happy Birthday,  Everton,  you derserve congratulation
          For your long involvement in the Country Women's Association.



Everton Contry Women's Association 50th Anniversary



A cheerful group of Australian singers ('Making Whoopee' - Tony King & Christine Ralph) present amusing songs I.e. 'In The Mulga' and 'In the Suburbs'.  I tried to write this in the same zany vein and it could be sung to a similar tune.


MUNGO MUD (Caravan on the move 1995)

This poem records the unhappy result of mixing a standard family sedan with a dusty road after rain has turned the surface into a treacherous quagmire.

Mungo national Park is where Australia's oldest fossils have been found. Lake Mungo, formed about 45,000 years ago,  has been completely dry for at leat 15,000 years.

From my trip diary ... ' formed of sand dunes and strange wind-worn shapes sculpted by rain,  wind and time. We enjoyed our tramp over this remnant of a large inland lake system, discovered old shells and bones set in the claysand. Aborigines had lived here for thousands of years.  I picked up a stone I'm sure had been a hammer stone,   rounded,  with a perfect hollow for the hand to hold,   weighted just right for striking off shards of rock.  I carefully replaced it and wondered at the life of it's owner,  living in this at once bounteous and harsh land.

'At the top of the dunes the wind continually traced new patterns and smoothed away the edges of our footprints before we had gone many paces.   It also whipped the pink and white sand stingingly against our hands and faces.'



Why shouldn't the humble sausage be honoured for it's contribution to our Australian lifestyle?


SHE DID IT IT DARWIN (Caravan on the move 1995)

Our car became quite a personality on our caravan trip and sometimes seemed to have a mind of her own.  Her well-being was of the utmost importance and her needs could completely change our plans for the day.



Gumboots are very important in the life of country people.   I don't think too many songs or verses have been written in their honour so here I have attempted to rectify this oversight.



You'll just have to use your imagination - the story is true and was told to me by a member of the family!



Although not involved in any way with the sheep,   I, with other members of our Everton Upper Community Group have helped with the catering at a couple of Wether Trials. These events are the 'Grand Final' of a competition that has taken twelve months to run it's course and are held in a local shearing shed.

As I  understand it,  each merino breeder entrant selects a prescribed number of animals of a certain age from their flock,   using instinct and knowledge to choose those with the best potential for producing  heavy fleeces with fibres of an extremely fine micron (a micron being the millionth part of a metre) reading.  During the following year they are paddocked together, all receiving the same treatment, be it fodder or the normal procedures to maintain good health,  thus all experiencing the same conditions.

When the day of reckoning comes the sheep are shorn,   fleeces weighed and micron measured by experienced and very painstaking woolclassers.  Prizes are awarded for the finest wool,   the heaviest individual fleece and to the team with the highest average score. A satisfying coup for any farmer,   his good judgement recognised and the quality of his product acclaimed.

N.B.   A.F.L. = Australian Football League.



Jan./Feb. edition 'The El Dorado and District Star'.